You Are Not Ancient

08.26.2021 - By The Bible as Literature

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We imagine an historical connection between the peoples of the biblical story and the peoples living in the modern world because our premise in 2021 is our identity. Who are you? To what group do you belong? What are your beliefs? On whose side are you?

The moment you mistakenly answer these questions (almost always, using the pronoun “we” even though you are a single individual), inevitably, you refer to a modern institution or group. It has to be modern because you are talking about yourself, and you live now, today, in the present hour.

It is a present-day thing with a clearly defined identity, membership, platform, and borders. When you refer to it, you sound like a politician—like the princes and sons of men in the Bible, in whom there is no salvation. Then you tint your glasses with your present-day identity and use it to lead Bible Study. Then you are confused when everyone, including you, sees the words on the page, but no one can hear them.

On that day, it will be too late for lens wipes.

Richard and Fr. Marc discuss Matthew 26:17-19.

Episode 395 Matthew 26:17-19; Music:

Organic Grunge by Kevin MacLeod

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