A Few Keys To “Mastering” Your Intimate Relationships

10.16.2020 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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One of the most difficult things to do is master yourself...it’s even tougher to build a harmonious relationship with another person, especially if you started off on rocky terrain. Many of us grow and find things out as we go along, and it can be a struggle to grow with your partner without things getting downright explosive. In this episode I share some keys, jewels and insights with you as I navigate these same waters. Time Stamps: (1:22) Preface to today’s episode (7:55) Reality: There’s no rules to this (10:35) Reality: Avoid the shortcuts  (14:00) Reality: “Beginner’s luck” (18:52) Reality: There is a reset button (22:34) My keys for you… (23:32) Key: Know yourself (29:07) Key: Give your partner your “keys” (32:53) Key: Reinforce success (35:56) Key: Establish the leader + enroll (42:15) Key: Establish relationship roles (44:34) Key: Encourage personal growth (48:10) Key: Evaluate (50:53) In conclusion… visit: Imnotyou.com/KI

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