30. Agile Community Events on the Beach

06.16.2015 - By The Agile Coffee Podcast

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Theme: Agile Community Events
Dr. Dave (@DrCorneliusInfo) joins Vic (@AgileCoffee) for a beautiful morning on Huntington Beach discussing all manner of Agile community events: Agile Opens (and other open space uses), coaching retreats and camps, lean coffees, hackathons. Dave talks about the 5Saturdays model, and we tell how to find, get involved and host these activities.

This is one of my favorite episodes. In addition to the excellent scenery and the superb company, I very much enjoy talking about community events. Not only do I believe that community is important and fulfilling, but I have a penchant for organizing these activities.
For more information
Open Space:

* History of Open Space
* Harrison Owen's Guide to Open Space Technologies

Agile Opens:

* Agile Open Southern California - Sept 10-11, 2015
* Agile Open Northern California - Oct 9-10, 2015
* Agile Open Northwest

Agile Coach Camps:

* AgileCoachCamp.org
* Agile Coach Camp US West 2015

Scrum Coaching Retreat Seattle 2015

LeanCoffee.org - includes listing of cities with lean coffees

5Saturdays.org - Dr.Dave's community learning initiative to bring Scrum and other skills into local high schools

* ALICE - educational software that teaches computer programming in a 3D environment

Scrum Day San Diego and Scrum Day Orange County (Vic presented at both in each of their first years)

various others:

* Play Camp (and Luke Hohmann's other ventures: Innovation Games and Conteneo)
* Play4Agile
* AgileGames (New England)
* DevOps
* AIN World Conference (Montréal, Sept 24-27, 2015 - organized by the <a href="http://www.appliedimprov.

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