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What's Anime Addicts Anonymous about?

We have one mission: To make your anime addiction worse! We're a podcast for all anime addicts out there, just starting or veterans. Those who love anime, manga, cosplay, conventions, and just about everything else that has to do with the world of Japanese Animation can find everything they need, want, and should know here.

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AAA 604: Cowboy Bebop Live ...


The Anime Addicts review the much anticipated live action of the classic hit anime Cowboy Bebop! We also review the anime Night Head 2041. §-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§-§ Time Markers: -Intro(s): 0:00 -Big News of the Week: 5:45 -Main Topic: Cowboy Bebop Live ...

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