Are Continents Growing? (Geoshort)

08.12.2021 - By PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast

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This is a GeoShort followup discussion based on our previous Episode on the origins of continents and Bowen's reaction series!  While Bowen's reaction series explains many things — like why is Hawaii different from Yellowstone? — it makes some very interesting predictions!

Chris wonders, does the distillation of continents during Bowen's Reaction Series mean that continents are always growing?  In other words, when water gets driven off a subducting slab, it generates magma that is chemically similar to continental crust.  Since subduction is so common, the continents must be growing over geologic time.  And, this opens up a large discussion with very few answers.  Jesse offers up two theories on how continents get destroyed over time.   Listen today and follow us on social media and our new webpage!

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