Are you actually as committed as you say you are? (8 signs of a pretender)

10.13.2020 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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There are many who claim to really be about the jungle life, but only a few who actually live it... In this episode, I show you the clear signs of a pretender, and how to change your mindset and approach (if you’re the pretender). Time Stamps: (1:22) "Relentless" (4:07) Are you really about that life? (7:33) Signs that you are not ready (8:55) Sign #1: Avoiding the harsh realities, ignoring the numbers (12:00) Sign #2: The people around you make you comfortable and happy (14:47) Sign #3: You optimize for feeling good (19:03) Sign #4: Current pride turns defensive (24:00) Sign #5: More time advertising your mindset instead of living it (28:40) Sign #6: No respect earned from the around you (29:44) Sign #7: You don’t read everyday (33:00) Sign #8: Lack of engagement in your vision (41:00) Respect for everyone else living in the jungle with me (42:17) Unpredictability… “Why wait??” (50:00) Its time to start living in the jungle visit:

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