Avoid The Number 1 Barrier To English Language Fluency-Translating In Your Head Ep 527

04.07.2022 - By Learn English Through Listening

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Do you ever stop listening to someone while they’re speaking because you’re too busy translating what they said? You are not alone! Lots of English language learners fall into the trap  of language translation. The good news is you can learn to stop that  slow translating process and move to true spoken English fluency with the strategies I set out in this English podcast lesson.
Stop Translating In Your Head Level Up Your English Language Fluency
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I know, it’s frustrating! We all start out with translation, but translation prevents fluency!  It seems counter-intuitive that the only way to learn a new language is  to build a vocabulary and to do that you need to translate, but in  doing this we prevent ourselves from becoming better the more we  translate!
There is nothing  wrong with this at the start of your language learning journey. The  problem happens when you think scaling this skill up is the right way to  continue getting better at English fluency.
Language is wine upon the lips.

⭐ Virginia Woolf
The  best way to think about this is to imagine your early English language  vocabulary as a set of tools you need to get your language learning  started. Imagine that these tools help you build a bridge, but once you  finish the bridge, you need to put the tools down and stop using them.  Your focus should now be on using the bridge you’ve built.
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