Being an Everyday Hero with Brett Culp

Being an Everyday Hero with Brett Culp

By Brett Culp

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What's Being an Everyday Hero with Brett Culp about?

If you want to make a positive impact that is beyond yourself, you are an Everyday Hero. In this podcast, filmmaker Brett Culp shares fresh perspectives and insights that will strengthen, encourage, and help you make a difference in every part of your life.

Brett is the personal cinematographer for Hollywood stars, music icons, beloved authors, hall of fame athletes, and royal families. He has been featured in USA Today, Entertainment Tonight, and WIRED. Through his uplifting documentary films and his not-for-profit initiatives, Brett has inspired people around the world to become leaders in their communities.

In each episode, he offers ideas that will help you live with authenticity, generosity, and openness. You will feel empowered to embrace the best within yourself and bring it to the world.

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