Best of Both

Best of Both

By Dear Media

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What's Best of Both about?

Welcome to Best of Both, formerly known as The Snatchelor, where hosts Margo Oshry (@margoshry) and her bestie Nicole will unpack the best of both their worlds. They'll cover everything from the hilariously relatable lessons Margo has picked up as a twenty-something corporate girlie moonlighting as a full time ~influencer~, or how Nicole seamlessly juggles law school and a robust social life without completely losing her sh*t (ok, still working on that). These two lifelong friends are sure to provide valuable insights while keeping you entertained, and you'll feel like you're chatting with your best friend.

Subscribe and listen to Margo & Nicole as they share their current faves, dating in NYC, discuss the latest headlines & celebrity gossip, answer your audience questions submitted to Best of Both Advice (@[email protected]), and spotlight their own stories no matter how chaotic or cringe. Wish them luck lol

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