#12 BIG Podcast - “Borderities and Territorialities of Indigenous Peoples” - With: Brian Thom – Associate Professor in the department of Anthropology at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada

09.05.2022 - By Borders in Globalization Podcast

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Indigenous Peoples have a profound relationship with the land, the water and all the interlinked ecosystems. These relations are the basis of their conditions of existence and of their cultural, legal and political system. Better understanding this complexity of the existential interrelations of Indigenous peoples means better improving the government-to-government relationships and the consolidation of their sovereignties. It is also an opportunity to better understand the territorialities of Indigenous peoples and their types of borders. We discuss this with anthropologist Brian Thom.
Time Markers:
0:00 Our Guest today: Brian Thom
1:59 Context of our discussion
3:00 Cultural Anthropology and Borders
6:59 Why Anthropology would be useful?
10:20 What is Ethnographic mapping?
14:10 The significance of Land for Indigenous Peoples
22:19 Some characteristics of Indigenous Territorialities
29:10 Borders and Indigenous Territorialities
37:32 “Shared exclusivity”
39:10 Role of Networks in Territorialities
48:09 Mismatch, or not, between lines and the relationships of Indigenous Peoples?
49:10 The limits of the approach in terms of Territorial Polygon
1:00:30 The Effects of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act
1:07:45 Indigenous Territorial Titles & Self-Determination Process
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