#16 BIG Podcast - “Popular Protest, the Middle East and Borders” - With: Michael J. Carpenter – Political Scientist at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada, and Managing Editor of BIG Review

01.31.2023 - By Borders in Globalization Podcast

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The Middle East is the name of a complex geographical region comprising different countries and cultures between Europe, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and Asia. It is also a space where many conflicts have existed and continue to exist today, in particular the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These disputes linked to a complex historical, religious and political situation should not obscure the presence of populations who struggle at their level and with their means against the domination that oppresses them. One thinks of the situation in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip and the difficult conditions of the inhabitants. We will discuss this territorial, border, human complexity with political scientist Michael J. Carpenter. He has written a book titled "Palestinian Popular Struggle: Unarmed and Participatory" (Routledge 2019).
Time Markers:
00:00 Our Guest today: Michael J. Carpenter
07:29 What is the “Middle East”?
14:15 Border disputes and border thinking in the Middle East
25:17 Key elements of the Palestine–Israel conflict
30:30 Life and struggle in the occupied Palestinian territories
38:25 Walls, bordering, and the anti-wall movement
45:51 The case of the village of Bil’in
50:41 Other examples of popular struggle in Palestine
57:11 Further reading in popular politics and the Middle East
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