395: Building a Business to Run Without You with Tera Marie Pupa [High Performing Women Series]

11.14.2019 - By The BizChix Podcast: Female Entrepreneurs | Women Small Business | Biz Chix

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Could you step away from your business and have it run just as smoothly without you? Tera Marie Pupa experienced this when she was forced to take a break from her business for a year while she battled cancer. Her remarkable team not only kept the business running but actually grew the business. As a result of their hard work and dedication, Tera Marie was able to continue taking her full salary during one of the most trying times of her life. Tera Marie and her team of professional Transaction Coordinators at “VC|TC, Inc“ do the paperwork for realtors, helping to free up their time so they can focus on listing and selling properties rather than chaining themselves to a stack of papers.  Listen to Tera Marie’s wonderful story and discover how she built a business that could run and grow without her presence. Tera Marie also reveals what it was like for her to return to her business after her year-long leave of absence and how she transitioned back into her CEO mindset. Are you ready to learn how you can create a self-sufficient business? Join the BizChix Community Connect With Tera Marie Pupa Website LinkedIn Books Mentioned: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz Simple Numbers, Straight Talk by Greg Crabtree Listen to our sister podcast, Stacking Your Team Work with Us: GrowthChix Accelerator Program ProfitChix Mastermind CEOCHIX Mastermind Strategy Session Join the BizChix Community This episode was first published at BizChix.com/395. Subscribe to our sister podcast, Stacking Your Team, on your podcast app or listen at bizchix.com/category/team/.

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