Call to Adventure

Call to Adventure

By Michael Yuen

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What's Call to Adventure about?

"Call to Adventure" is a one-hour conversation hosted by Alex Opoulos and John Duckworth, interspersed with musical selections from each guest. The underlying ethos of the show is inspired by Joseph Campbell’s idea of the Monomyth or the Hero’s Journey. Each of us on our personal journey encounters moments where we are drawn into stepping out of our comfort zones to explore the unknown. If heeded, the moment of departure is prefaced by what Joseph Campbell refers to as the Call to Adventure - a moment that either illuminates a new path, forces a challenging decision, inspires courage over fear, or kindles fresh discipline - something that ultimately gives new purpose, meaning, and direction to our lives. From this vantage point Alex and John engage each guest in a conversation about those moments in their lives that in hindsight proved pivotal, providing growth and transformation along the journey.

"Call to Adventure" is produced for Ohm Radio, 96.3FM, Charleston SC's only community based non-profit commercial-free radio station - airing Sunday's from 2-3pm, and Wednesday's from 4-5pm

"The road that is distinctly your own has never been traversed, celebrate the path that is your call to adventure."

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