Ep.185 Can Barstool Nate Save Poker?

04.01.2020 - By Poker Central Podcast

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From the confines of his New York City apartment, Barstool Nate joins the podcast to talk a whole bunch of poker and controversy! 01:00 – How is Barstool Nate holding up during the quarantine in New York City and did he already have the coronavirus? 06:15 – The rise and fall of Barstool Nate’s short-lived online poker twitch streamer career and how much money he’s losing so far! 14:15 – How is Barstool Sports surviving the quarantine and coronavirus pandemic and is Nate getting involved on the dating apps during these strange times? 24:00 – Is the 2020 World Series of Poker still happening? Will Nate make an appearance no matter what? Is he going to risk getting the virus? 35:44 – Controversy! Would Phil Ivey winning the 2003 WSOP Main Event have sparked a bigger poker boom than Chris Moneymaker winning? 57:05 – 555 Questions with Barstool Nate 1:07:30 – A game of word association with your favorite Barstool Sports personalities. 1:12:50 – Barstool Nate’s Quarantine Life Tips. New to the podcast? Tune in live every Tuesday at 12:00pm PT/3:00 pm ET on our YouTube channel. 

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