Can Teaching Make You a Better Artist? Introducing Art Bound

12.23.2020 - By The Quilting Arts Podcast

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Thanks so much for listening to the Quilting Arts podcast in 2020. Susan and I are looking forward to being back with you in 2021. 
In the meantime, I wanted to encourage you to listen to one of our sister podcasts, called Art Bound. I just listened to the episode that focused on the value of an art education – Episode 4. I particularly appreciated their discussion because many art quilters also develop classes and teach their techniques. Art is art, no matter the medium, and we all have so much to learn from each other. 
In this episode of Art Bound, host Doug Kacena sits down with Kristy Gordon and Trey Egan, two successful artists who are also art teachers. They discuss just how valuable their own art educations were to their growth and careers as successful artists, as well as how teaching has made them better artists.
After you listen to this conversation, you can find more episodes of Art Bound wherever you listen. Or just follow this link and subscribe.
We’ll talk again in 2021.
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