Carnivores: Plants and animals that bite back

03.26.2019 - By Brains On! Science podcast for kids

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Most plants get the energy and nutrients they need from water, sunlight, air and soil. But carnivorous plants get key nutrients from a different source: bugs. We’ll find out how they do it and talk about the mystery of how venus fly traps snap shut. Plus: Two gardeners – one very experienced and one just starting out – offer their tips for growing venus fly traps.
So that’s plants, but what about animals? Carnivores are animals that only eat other animals – so how do they get the vitamins, minerals and fiber that we humans get from eating plants? We take a trip to a salad bar with some animal pals to find out. This episode is sponsored by: Bona premium spray mop (, The Kevin Henkes book, ""Sweeping up the Heart,” Panama City Beach, (, Madison Reed hair color ( - use promo code brainson at checkout for 10% off. You can support the show at

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