16: China’s New Debt Sustainability Framework - Ma Xinyue

09.03.2019 - By The Belt and Road Podcast

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On episode 16 we introduce our new co-host Juliet Lu! Juliet and Erik speak with China Research and Project Leader at the Global Development Policy Center at Boston University - Ma Xinyue about her latest work on the PandaPaw DragonClaw blog “Assessing China’s Most Comprehensive Response to the “debt trap”: the Belt and Road ‘Debt Sustainability Framework’ https://pandapawdragonclaw.blog/2019/07/17/debt-trap-for-whom/  Recommendations:  Ma Xinyue Two Articles from Chen Muyang  State Actors, Market Games: Credit Guarantees and the Funding of China Development Bank https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13563467.2019.1613353?af=R&journalCode;=cnpe20Official Aid or Export Credit: China’s Policy Banks and the Reshaping of Development Finance http://www.bu.edu/gdp/files/2018/09/GCI-Muyang-Chen-18-int.pdfErik Follow the PandaPaw / DragonClaw Crew Ma Tianjie @TJma_beijing Calvin Quek @clearroads Tom Baxter @tombaxter17  Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert https://www.npr.org/2019/07/29/732097345/lizzo-tiny-desk-concertJuliet The Glass Palace: Amitav Ghosh https://www.amazon.com/Glass-Palace-Novel-Amitav-Ghosh/dp/0375758771

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