Dammed Up Again: Streams and Dams Part Two

07.08.2021 - By PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast

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We liked talking about dams so much we did it again!  Join our discussion on streams, how the normally operate, and how dams disrupt the way that streams function.

We highlight a few things in this episode, including a recent Eos article on sediment accumulation behind dams - expertly written by Tullos et al., the Paonia Reservoir where sediment accumulation has filled in the reservoir in record time, and another article on contaminated sediment releases from the Milltown Dam and the Hudson River that have caused big problems in the past, written by James Evans. 

Chris also gets his long but warranted rant on the famous Aswan High Dam, and key example of the debates around the pros and cons of dams. 

Also check out our previous episode on Dams at this link or anywhere you get your podcasts.

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