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Hello and thank you for joining me on my show-page here on BlogTalkRadio. My basic interest is spirituality and metaphysics. I interview people on my show that in my opinion make a unique contribution to the subject matter through their teaching, books, and practice. In the archives you will find my conversations with modern day movers and shakers of applied metaphysics: witches, magicians, psychics, shamans and healers.What I like about the guests on my show is that they not only have a wealth of knowledge to share, by they also practice their craft, and willing to share it with the world. As you go through the archives, you will find that my interviews are mostly focused on finding out how did my guests discover their path, what are their spiritual views, and what clues they could give us to live a healthier, wealthier, and more abundant reality. If you like my interviews and are interested in learning more, please mark my show as a favorite. If you would like to be on my show, please contact me and let me know about yourself. If you have any questions or comments, you are welcome to leave those on my show page, or comment directly under specific interviews. Finally you can always contact me directly by sending me a message on BlogTalkRadio.Thank you for visiting my show-page andhave a wonder-full day!!!

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