Episode 154: Dr. Chris Villanueva- MB2- The MB2 Investment Opportunity

09.02.2020 - By The Nifty Thrifty Dentists

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Sharing the management expenses between offices gives you a better financial advantage

Doctor participation and ownership is the model; the owner makes the decisions for their office

Recapitalization gives the opportunity, but it is not required, to restructure your value

You can sell a portion of your equity off, during a recap, at a higher value than you bought in

Private practice owners cannot achieve nearly as much success as they would within a co-op, but your risk is lowered

Another big difference is that by having doctors as partners, there is practice growth and you don’t run the risk of being kicked out by the corporate owner to increase your profitability

MB2 has an average of $1.7M per year in collections per location, so they only accept partners that are successful in their own right to make themselves better together

With MB2, your tax structure can improve, you can have growth in your practice, as well as the sidecar value, and gain better returns than most investments

Generally, recapitalization happens every 3-6 years, the growth in the number of practices over initial predictions sets this expected date to be much sooner


Website: https://mb2dental.com/

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