#227 - Eat Your Heart Out, KFC - The Unfamiliarness of Nate "Grave" Driggers

09.29.2020 - By Crime in Sports

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This week, we dig into the nooks & crannies to find someone who only had a brief moment of sunshine in the NBA, despite his work ethic & talent. He instead filled his time with playing overseas & in smaller pro leagues, as well as starting a couple of businesses.  Unfortunately, that were illegal, and had to do with drugs, guns, train robberies & more! We laugh ourselves silly at what can only be described as seriously nuts. A true gem in the rough!


Put KFC's blend of original herbs & spices to shame, fist fight your way to the NBA, and when confronted by clear & obvious evidence, always deny it anyway with Nate "Grave" Driggers!!


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