Education from an Equal

Education from an Equal

By Natalie Goldberg

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What's Education from an Equal about?

With the right education, a person is unstoppable and able to accomplish anything they attempt. It can give them a foundation to scrutinize, challenge, and develop belief systems, and engage with others in constructive ways. This is why I created Education from an Equal, as it is meant to be a mechanism to empower high school students across the nation to take charge of their own education. In the first season, I hope to craft a clear critique of the way that the national government, as well as individual school districts, choose to treat health class specifically. I will also be providing education and resources that emulate the kind of curriculum I, and all other students, deserve to see in classrooms everywhere. I hope that Education from an Equal becomes a jumping off place of sorts, one that inspires students to further their knowledge and education outside the scope of what I discuss and critique, so they can form their own ideas surrounding the kind of information they believe they should be taught.

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