Every Life Has God-Given Potential: Ben Higgins & John Bevere

02.04.2021 - By Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith

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God has blessed each of us with a special gift, a talent, a unique way that we can spread His Word in the world. Our gifts are given to us for a reason—no one else can do what we do. It is the way we were formed, and it’s why it’s so crucial that we learn to hone into God’s voice and what He’s calling us to do, lest the world suffer from the lack of our obedience. Former Bachelor star and founder of Generous Coffee, Ben Higgins, had a moment in his childhood that made him realize that people’s stories are more complex than he ever thought possible, and that pain and suffering are interwoven with joy. After Ben’s following boomed from the publicity that being on national television brought, he realized he had an opportunity to use his platform for good, for change in the lives of those who desperately need it. That’s when he founded Generous Coffee, seeking to fulfill a purpose greater than himself and connecting with stories that truly mean something to us as humans. Author and speaker John Bevere had an encounter with God in 1991, when God told him to write. John laughed at God, thinking he was surely mistaken and calling on the wrong follower. After several nudgings, John gave in, and now his books are being used to build Christ’s kingdom worldwide. These two men show that when we harness our God-given abilities and surrender to His callings, lives and hearts can be changed, and we can have an impact greater than we ever thought possible.    Links, Products, and Resources Mentioned: Jesus Calling Podcast Jesus Calling devotional Jesus Calling for Armed Forces edition JesusCalling.com Past interview: Cynthia Garrett Upcoming interview: Patrick and Ruth Schwenk   Ben Higgins ABC’s The Bachelor - 20th season Generous Coffee Alone in Plain Sight Humanity Hope United generousmovement.com   John Bevere Messenger International X: Multiply Your God Given Potential 2 Corinthians 12:9 NIV COVID Colossians 3:23-24 NIV 1 Peter 4:10 NIV 2 Timothy 1:6-7 NIV messengerinternational.org   Interview Quotes: “I think the scariest thing that we could have in our life is experiencing pain and feeling alone in that pain. I don't know a scarier feeling than feeling alone.” - Ben Higgins “What if pain is the connector? What if pain is the thing that we can look at each other and feel less alone? And what if pain is the place that we not only grasp for God, but that God enters into our pain?” - Ben Higgins “I want to share empathy. I want to hear your story. I don't want to argue with you. I want to understand more than be understood.” - Ben Higgins “The more I become vulnerable, the more I let people understand who I am, the more that I also believe that I want to understand who others are.” - Ben Higgins “The callings on our lives are beyond our natural abilities.” - John Bevere “Being faithful means multiply, even if you're working for somebody else. If you're a line worker at the factory, if you're a janitor, you multiply where God has placed you. Be faithful, believe for the supernatural gifting to multiply, to shine as a light in that arena.” - John Bevere “God has called us to take what is uniquely gifted in us and multiply it to impact many. If you look at God's first commandment, it was be fruitful and multiply.” - John Bevere “That gift on your life is not for you. It's for the people that in your world of influence that God is sending you to. So if you don't operate in your gift, then the people in your world of influence don't get what God intended them to get.” - John Bevere

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