Expanding the 'Aah' moment

10.30.2008 - By Meditation Peace - Guided Meditations audio podcast

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This is an exercise in expanding the 'aah' moment. This is what we call those moments of real meditation when perception shifts from the physical to the spiritual. These moments may happen any time, not necessarily in a structured meditation - e.g. catching a wave or walking through a forest, listening to music or watching a sunset... We must fundamentally be aware of the dynamics of this process, it is almost scientific in its application. Be aware that as a starting point we need to transcend the regular inputs we get from our physical senses, and to relax and allow our heart to meditate in the way it chooses. Remember that our fear and expectation are the two biggest problems to the new meditator.
So, prepare for your meditation as usual and closing your eyes, remembering an "ahh" moment, work on slowing your breath down to as slow that is comfortable. Long slow, deep breaths usually help. Then gradually imagine that everything that is you is slowing down. See your blood flow slowing, feel your mind slowing and gradually imagine turning your eyes inward to your heart. Then feel everything stopped. Feel that your entire physical and emotional nature has stopped. And deepen your concentration upon your heart until everything outward has stopped and inwardly you are directing your consciousness to the infinity within. Don't allow even the slightest physical movement, your whole nature is stillness.
Now concentrate on 'be-ing' your heart. Expand the 'aah' moment for as long as is comfortable.

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