Ep. 609: feat. Dr. Mickey Mehta, Amit and Antariksh

01.19.2021 - By Cyrus Says

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On this episode, Cyrus is joined by Dr. Mickey Mehta, Global Leading Holistic Health Guru & Corporate Lifecoach, to talk about health and wellness during lockdown times, practising yoga for over 51 years now, Dr. Mickey shows us a couple of yoga postures, the tenet in Jainism called 'santhara', the need to program ourselves to be better, and then discuss news stories like the COVID vaccination drive in India going rather well as of now, why smokers might have a lower risk of contracting the virus, journalist Nidhi Razdan and how she got caught in a scam that made her believe she got a job as a professor at Harvard University.
Also joining Cyrus and Dr. Mickey are Amit and Antariksh. Do tune in for a super fun episode. Follow Dr. Mickey Mehta on Twitter & Instagram: https://twitter.com/Mickeymehta and https://instagram.com/mickey_mehta You can follow Amit on Instagram & Twitter @DoshiAmit: https://twitter.com/doshiamit and https://instagram.com/doshiamit You can follow Antariksh on Instagram @antariksht. Do send in AMA questions for Cyrus by tweeting them to @cyrussaysin or e-mailing them at [email protected] Don't forget to follow Cyrus Broacha on Instagram @cyrus_broacha ( https://www.instagram.com/cyrus_broacha ) In case you're late to the party and want to catch up on previous episodes of Cyrus Says you can do so at: www.ivmpodcasts.com/cyrussays

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