FinCrime Spotlight

FinCrime Spotlight

By FinTech FinCrime Exchange


What's FinCrime Spotlight about?

Welcome to FinCrime Spotlight, the podcast that looks to shine a light on the FinTech community and their fight against financial crime.

FinTechs have disrupted the financial services industry and have transformed the ways in which we identify, monitor and expose bad actors and criminal organisations.

FinCrime Spotlight will offer listeners the opportunity to hear from the FinCrime fighters on the front line, delve into fincrime investigations, examine the technology underpinning the industry, and explore the social impact of financial crime.

FinCrime Spotlight, is brought to you by the FinTech FinCrime Exchange, the largest global community of anti-financial crime professionals working for the world’s most progressive FinTechs.

This podcast is hosted by FINTRAIL.

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