Finding your purpose, finding peace, and speaking at the first ever Glastonbury - Prem Rawat #232

08.05.2019 - By Zestology: Live with energy, vitality and motivation

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Today's Zestology guest is fantastic and his focus is living peacefully. He has a lot of followers in America, India, and all over the world, and spoke at the first ever Glastonbury Festival (or Glastonbury Fayre as it was known then) and you'll enjoy hearing his stories about that. Now Penguin Life have published his book Peace is Possible: Thoughts on Happiness, Success and Relationships for a Deeper Understanding of Life and they set up this interview so I could meet Prem.  Here's a bit more about him: Global peace ambassador Prem Rawat has spent his entire life travelling the world to deliver one timeless message: peace is possible. He began speaking about peace when he was just 4 years old and his extraordinary passion for each has inspired millions of people over the last five decades. Enjoy - thank you to Prem, and as always head to the website for more Zestology updates throughout the week. And for more on Prem, visit 

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