#56. Finding Your Voice with Mandie Kramer from The Wander Mom Diaries

03.27.2022 - By A Voice and Beyond

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A few months ago, I had the pleasure of being interviewed on the podcast, The Wander Mom Diaries, hosted by Mandie Kramer. The theme of the podcast centres around self-care, overcoming adversities, and empowering women and, my story and messaging certainly dives into all three! During my conversation with Mandie, I allowed myself to become vulnerable as I began to share my personal story of how I had to overcome one major challenge in my life, after another, including being a suicide survivor, the challenges of being a single mum whilst having a hectic schedule as professional in the music industry and how I was silenced by my culture and my community. Eventually I discovered I could stand up and use my voice in life, and It is my intention to release this episode as I truly want to inspire other women, that no matter where they are at, no matter what adversities, they are having to deal with, there is a way to live your best, most authentic life each and every day and please know you are beautiful just as you are. You are stronger than what you think. I hope you find something within this episode that will empower you to follow your dreams and embrace the woman that you are.  For all The Wander Moms socials visit https://linktr.ee/wandermomdiaries

In this episode 01:16 - Introducing this episode with Mandie Kramer 03:22 - Mandie's introduction from our episode on The Wander Moms Podcast 12:44 – My early career background 14:32 – Loosing my first husband 18:00 – Struggling with Mental health and developing bulimia 20:06 – Meeting my second husband  22:38 – What helped her act to step up and leave her environment? 24:16 – My advice for other mothers 29:12 – Opportunities for moms looking for a singing career

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