Food in Session Nutrition Podcast

By Emily Frisella, Clean Cooking Chef, Entrepreneur & Mindy Musselman, Registe

What's Food in Session Nutrition Podcast about?

Your food education starts here! Not subscribing to any one “diet”, we are on a mission to help you learn to cook and learn to eat- two simple things made complicated by the internet and those friends telling you that “you should” eat this or try that diet. We created Food in Session to help you build a nutrition knowledge base and allow you to decide the best path for you and your family’s nutrition needs. Large family, small family, single guy or gal??

We’ve got you covered. Eat healthy foods and you’ll live a long and healthy life- easier said than done! Unless you were taught by a parent or grandparent how to cook and eat healthy, it’s likely you didn’t learn it in school. We hope you enjoy Food in Session as much as we enjoy cooking and eating (Mindy really likes the occasional slice of “raw” Velveeta and Emily is a sucker for Moon Pies- yes, even we have our indulgences!).

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