For The Women: How to become fearless, fierce and confident

08.30.2019 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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From #MeToo to unequal pay in sports and the workplace, the amount of noise surrounding what it means to be Women, is loud. And depending on who you are and what you believe, the impact that all of this has on today's Women needs to be a positive one...but is it?   I've got 2 daughters, a wife, a sister, and tons of clients who are Women... I've been holding my tongue for a while, as it relates to some of the hard doses of reality that I have for them. But in today's episode, I let it go, to give Women a very detailed and practical prescription to build confidence, fearlessness, and the poise that is required to produce results in today's world. Listen up.     Time Stamps:   (1:22) My son wants to play football like me...   (2:34) If you don't have goals, don't listen to this podcast.   (4:44) The inspiration for today's episode...   (7:05) This episode is for you if you are THIS kind of female   (11:22) The sad reality about America's perception of Women   (14:04) The reality: Testosterone levels.   (16:06) The reality: Men, by nature, will take advantage of what they can.   (18:15) The reality: Status quos don't change without reason.   (19:22) The reality: If you don't adjust to your reality, nothing changes.   (20:04) The reality: Men will fall back to old/traditional ways of things (even foul ones).   (21:18) The reality: (If you have children) Your children will follow your lead. Be aware of the imbalance.   (23:35) My message to the women who apply...   (23:51) Solution 1: Take control of your emotions.   (27:36) Solution 2: Establish your OWN visions and standards.   (28:00) Society's brainwash   (32:17) We all need to wake up, and hunt.   (36:46) Solution 3: Stop feeling sorry for yourself.   (44:39) Solution 4: Evaluate every 'channel' of influence.   (51:28) Solution 5: Set your relationship standards high.   (54:34) "Tickets to the game"   (55:10) The ability to move on, and forward.   (57:10) This isn't easy, but you GOTTA do this.   (58:50) Solution 6: Invest in yourself.   (1:01:37) Closing remarks for the females listening.   Want to step your game up and work with me? Visit

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