Fri 09 Jul: Timelines - Circle Backs - Delta Review - More Deeper - DUQU You - Pole Riding - Mitigation

07.09.2021 - By The Tore Says Show

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A look back at some of the key facts. Don't ever say they weren't told. 130 equals inside job. Evil always wants to come in first while the truth takes it's time. The bottomless pit just got deeper. People didn't have to go thru that pain. Discovery is the key, and may show system design history. Obot to Snowden to the algo. Options are numerous when you command the clock. They were selling data, showing details and always tracking us. Seriously, you can't screen shot that? Cancelling the truth is impossible. The Dims and water watching. Shame weighs heavy, but not on enough people. Stay frosty and always be looking for your inner still.
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