Ep 159 ft. Jenna Zoe & Dara Dubinet: Becoming Unstuck, Astrogeography, & Living a High Vibe Life (Best of the Show!)

09.19.2019 - By The Balanced Blonde // Soul On Fire

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Best of the Show! As The Balanced Blonde is on hiatus, today Jordan is re-releasing this inspirational episode with Jenna Zoe and Dara Dubinet. It’s always a great time when Jenna, human design expert, comes on the podcast– be sure to listen to Jenna’s most recent episode (https://www.thebalancedblonde.com/podcast/ep-114-ft-jenna-zoe/) with Jordan! Dara is an incredibly gifted intuitive who guides individuals and couples in intuitive sessions as well as intuitive astrogeography sessions. Jordan, Jenna and Dara chat all about human design, astrogeography, and how each of them have overcome so much in order to live their most soul on fire lives. 

They get into detail about how they have all felt stuck in life, and their top tips to becoming un-stuck to live a high vibrational life. Also they’re all obsessed with colonics and want you to know why.

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