Game of Thrones Podcast

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What's Game of Thrones Podcast about?

There are no Game of Thrones podcasts like this one. Dean and Jessica deliver unfiltered and hilarious commentary about Game of Thrones. The LSG Media team is not afraid to speak freely, and they routinely push the boundaries of the politically correct. If you’re looking for pompous, high-brow, better-than-you discussion – look elsewhere. The hosts are authentic and unapologetic in how much fun they have with the content. Tune in every Thursday and listen to a new episode.

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Scheduling Announcement


We are taking a short break from BSG to pursue the HBO miniseries, Chernobyl. We will be back in 5 weeks, and then we will see what happens with Gaius Baltar. Thank you for the support.

Game of Thrones Podcast episodes: