Genitourinary 1: The Audio PANCE and PANRE Podcast Topic Specific Review Episode 35

03.14.2016 - By The Audio PANCE and PANRE Physician Assistant Board Review Podcast

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Welcome to episode 35 of the FREE Audio PANCE and PANRE Physician Assistant Board Review Podcast.
Join me as I continue to cover topic specific PANCE and PANRE review from the Academy course content following the NCCPA™ content blueprint.
This week we will be covering 10 topic specific Genitourinary board review questions.
GU accounts for 6% of your PANCE/PANRE board exam.  
Below you will find an interactive exam to complement the podcast.
I hope you enjoy this free audio component to the examination portion of this site. The full genitourniary board review includes over 72 GU specific questions and is available to all members of the PANCE and PANRE Academy.

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Resources and Show Notes:

* My list of recommended PANCE and PANRE review books
* My secret upcoming website which will cover the entire NCCPA Content Blueprint (coming soon)

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