Get It Together with Catie Hogan

By by Catie Hogan and Erin McDonough

What's Get It Together with Catie Hogan about?

This is a show where two sisters, Catie and Erin, work to help each other get their sh*t together and hopefully help their listeners as well. Together they’ll explore important topics such as money, career, relationships, feminism, activism, sex, exercising, and whatever the hell else they feel like. They’ll tell a lot of embarrassing stories about each other, interview guests who they deem “have their sh*t together”, and attempt to improve their own lives while hopefully giving listeners practical and applicable life advice.

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I'm Fired Up About Debt & V...


Want to get out of debt? Then this is the episode for you! I'll talk about the steps you need to take and why you can't wait for motivation to get you started. The second half of the episode is ...

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