Get Real or Die Trying with Amadon DellErba

By Global Change Media

What's Get Real or Die Trying with Amadon DellErba about?

"Nothing you do matters, unless what you do matters." Amadon DellErba is on a journey of self-mastery. Join him in the exploration of the spiritual, psychological, intellectual, and emotional elements that make up the mortal life.
A free-form podcast about transformation, growth, and purpose; elevating and expanding the super-conscious mind while honoring the down-to-earth wisdom that keeps us grounded and real.
Equal parts profound and profane; sacred and secular, "Get Real or Die Trying" is a reality check for a world becoming increasingly more unreal.

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Ep. 27: Anarchy vs. Spiritu...


In this podcast Amadon DellErba discusses anarchy vs. spiritual hierarchy. In response to the corruption we see in politics and governments today many youth embrace anarchy, but does it work? Recognizing the need for change, in 2011 and 2012 Amadon ...

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