Glenn Knerr and Larry Bernstein, Part Two

04.13.2021 - By Bodybuilding Legends Show

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John Hansen interviews 1986 AAU Mr. America and Mr. World Glenn Knerr and 1983 AAU Mr. America - Short Class winner Larry Bernstein about Bodybuilding in the 1970's and '80's. In Part Two of their interview, Glenn and Larry talk about some of the iconic bodybuilders they met during their career including Lance Dreher, Tim Belknap, Frank Zane, Boyer Coe and Mohamed Makkawy. They also discuss the look of bodybuilders from the 1970's to today. Time Stamps: 0:04:00 - RIP Anton Holic 0:04:45 - Emails from last weeks Podcast 0:11:29 - Start of Glenn Knerr and Larry Bernstein Interview, Part Two 0:15:04 - "We got our information from the magazines" 0:16:20 - Glenn and Larry talk about Lance Dreher 0:22:26 - 1980 AAU Mr. USA 0:24:55 - Symmetry was important in the 1980's 0:28:00 - How today's bodybuilders feel about Arnold and Zane 0:29:27 - The Boyer Coe story 0:36:16 - Glenn talks about winning the Mr. World and Mr. America 0:38:20 - Tim Belknap 0:46:12 - The most impressive bodybuilders they ever met 0:50:50 - Tattoos in Bodybuilding 0:54:50 - John Brown's influence on posing 0:59:30 - John reads the article "Tim Belknap - The New Hercules" by Franklin Page from the May, 1981 issue of IronMan Magazine. Support the Podcast on Patreon Leave a review on Apple Podcasts Bodybuilding Legends Show website John Hansen Fitness website Florida Alternative Medicine John's YouTube Page John's Instagram Page John's Facebook Page

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