Going to #Church | Just Melissa

09.17.2019 - By Do The Thing, with Whole30's Melissa Urban

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In this Just Melissa episode, I answer one of your most commonly asked questions on Instagram: Why do you call the mountains “church?” I explain my relationship with God/the Universe/Mother Nature; the moment the Utah mountains became my church; and how everyone can find the same kind of connection and guidance in nature, regardless of your spirituality (or lack thereof). Maintaining this theme, I go on to share a story of a recent hike; a 10-miler in the pouring rain. Not so much church, this time—more like me getting into a giant fight with the Universe. (Spoiler, I lost.) In the second half of this episode, I talk about what it feels like to resist the pull/push/shove into growth, and how sometimes, the best thing to do is turn around. Continue the conversation with me @melissa_hartwig on Instagram.
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