Ep. 95: How Do I Maintain the Will to Do Deep Work?

05.10.2021 - By Deep Questions with Cal Newport

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Below are the questions covered in today's episode (with their timestamps). For instructions on submitting your own questions, go to calnewport.com/podcast.


 - What challenges will I face switching to time-block planning for the first time? [3:43]
 - How do I time block very long days? [8:20]
 - How do I move external colleagues and clients away from email collaboration? [11:10]
 - How do I manage multiple email addresses? [18:57]
 - How do I avoid Slack FOMO? [20:21] 
 - How can I avoid Twitter if it's where important updates are posted? [25:49]
 - RANT ALERT: What do I (Cal) think about big tech data collection? [28:45]
 - How do you hit a bestseller list without social media? [35:57]
 - What were my (Cal's) early blogging habits? [40:21]


 - Do I (Cal) listen to audio books? [50:10]
 - How do I (Cal) remember thoughts from my walks? [51:31]
 - Will social media usage go down oner time? [54:10]
 - How do I be a digital minimalist in a maximalist family? [58:30]
 - What are the drawbacks of working more seasonly? [59:52]
 - How do I maintain the will to do deep work? [1:07:55]

Thanks to Jay Kerstens for the intro music.

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