750: How much do we really need love and affection?

01.16.2020 - By The Ziglar Show

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Love and affection I think we would all say have value, but how much, in what way, and why? How important is it? What place does it have in our home, our work, and in all our relationships? Zig Ziglar brings us a short message on the issue, then I posted this question to the Ziglar Show audience, “In your home and close relationships, how do you communicate love and affection and how often? And how important do you believe it is?” As responses quickly came in, I posted this follow up question, “Who experienced a LACK of love and affection in their upbringing or marriage and how has it affected you or how are you dealing with it?” Tom Ziglar and I went through as many of your comments as we could and from them, received some incredible insight into this issue.
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