Adventures in Machine Learning

How to Build and Organize Production ML Solutions ft. Conor Murphy - ML 047

09.30.2021 - By Charles M WoodPlay

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Conor Murphy joins the adventure to explain how he approaches new problems from customers at databricks and how he helps customers see their way past issues with their current solutions to get the outcomes they want. Panel Ben WilsonCharles Max WoodFrancois Bertrand Guest Conor Murphy Sponsors Dev Influencers AcceleratorLevel Up | Links A dose of awe from the bleeding edge of neuroscience, AI and philosophyLinkedIn: Conor B. MurphyInstagram: Conor B Murphy ( conorbmurphy ) Picks Ben- ArjanCodes - YouTubeCharles- PodcastBootcamp.ioCharles- Masters of DoomCharles- How to Make Sh*t HappenCharles- Tribe of MillionairesConor- The Art of ImpossibleCharles- The Road Back to YouConor- ScaleFrancois- Favro Contact Ben: DatabricksGitHub | BenWilson2/ML-EngineeringGitHub | databrickslabs/automl-toolkitLinkedIn: Benjamin Wilson Contact Charles: | FacebookTwitter: ( @devchattv ) Contact Francois: Francois BertrandGitHub | fbdesignpro/sweetviz Special Guest: Conor Murphy.Sponsored By:Top End Devs Coaching: If you have questions about how to grow your skills or take your career to the next level, join us on our next weekly coaching call. It's completely free.Advertising Inquiries: & Opt-Out: a supporter of this podcast:

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