How To Build Confidence Under Pressure (2021)

05.28.2021 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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Confidence under pressure and uncertainty is often the difference between failure and success. In today's episode, I break down how to build this valuable currency. Time Stamps: (00:00:00) Samaya's Intro (00:01:22) Intro to today's episode (00:05:38) "Pressure" (00:09:26) "Confidence" (00:11:32) Reality check: Failing under pressure (00:16:49) Building confidence // Assumptions to look out for (00:32:36) You simply, haven't figured it out yet. (00:40:40) Confidence is earned through pain tolerance. (00:52:49) Today's pain is part of the overall process. (00:54:21) How to speed up your learning curve. (01:06:13) You don't need to quit. (01:13:52) In conclusion... Ready to take it to the next level? Visit:

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