How To Grow Your Self-Management

08.05.2021 - By The Look & Sound of Leadership

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In this episode, a leader feels she lacks courage. She engages her coach in a conversation about how to use self-awareness and self-management as tools to help her become a little bolder. The self-talk scripts discussed in this episode, plus the four-box process Tom described, are available to you in a PDF. You can request it in an email to Tom here or you can download the PDF here. Other resources mentioned in this episode: Last month’s episode connects (like Pop Beads!) to this episode: How to Build Self-Awareness E.Q. Applied by Justin Bariso – a helpful, friendly book chock-full of exercises. Nathaniel Branden’s work on self-esteem – profound thoughts and powerful prompts. Dan Harris’s podcast 10% Happier Meet our fabulous facilitators and browse our catalogue of courses.
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