Ep. 247 | How to Invest in Property When You’re Busy Raising a Family, Holding Down a Career, Have No Time or are an Investor Already

08.29.2019 - By The Property Couch

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No time? But still wanting to invest in property? Keen to find out what strategic step you should take next?
Attention! Busy folks and experienced investors…
…. yes, that’s you lot down there at the back who are raising a family, holding down a career, investing in property already AND/OR simply have a lot on the go….
… this is YOUR episode!
‘Cos today is PART 2 of our tips and tailored Q&A; session for each investor demographic… and today we’re tackling…

* Busy folks
* Experienced investors

So, if you’re a curious to learn how to invest in property WITHOUT sacrificing your life, lifestyle or livelihood… or you wanna hear how to review your current portfolio, or what to do when you’ve ALREADY got one or two investment properties under your belt…. then you’ve come to the right place!!!
Today we’re answering the common questions folks in either/both of these demographics ask us, so that you’ll be educated, efficient AND effective at building out your property portfolio.
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Other Resources Mentioned on the Show:

* PIPA – Survey – Click here to submit
* Share your story with us – email us at [email protected]

For Busy Couple and Families:

* Q1: How do we afford to invest in property when we’re busy raising a family and still keep money for holidays, schooling, being home and other important lifestyle needs?
* Q2: How much does it really cost and how long will it take to build a stress-free property portfolio that we can live off?
* Q3: Is passive income through property a possibility or a pipe dream? Will we really have enough to retire comfortably?
* Q4: Who can we trust to set us on the right path?
* Q5: What’s happening with property now? Where are we in the property cycle and what locations should we invest in?
* Q6: What type of properties should we be looking at if we are in this particular demographic?
* Q7: What’s the best loan structure and strategy for my situation before I’m in this particular demographic?
* Q8: When should we buy the next one? After the kids are in high school?
* Q9: How can we find the best way to get started at this stage of our life?

Experienced Property Investors:

* Q1: Is your current portfolio correctly structured for optimal growth and will new property strategies actually work for you?
* Q2: How many do I actually need?
* Q3: How do I review my portfolio?
* Q4: How can you grow your portfolio quickly without risking all you’ve worked so hard to achieve?
* Q5: How can you invest in property when you’re nearing retirement and concerned about conserving your cur...

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