How to lose weight naturally and permanently without exercising and dieting: the second natural way

10.13.2016 - By How to lose weight naturally and permanently without exercising and dieting

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When we move our attention to seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, as well as feeling during the process of eating, we spontaneously withdraw ourselves from the mind and thus, from its overeating habit. If we relax into the present moment and eat with our senses, it is not possible to overeat. Try this: take the delicious cake out of the fridge with joy and gratitude; carefully cut a piece of it and artfully center it on the plate; truly look at it and see its colors and textures; smell it tender-heartedly; and then take a bite, letting your taste buds tell you their critical reviews. It is very likely that you feel deep contentment and know that one piece is just perfect. Since eating is not only one of the joys of existence but also essential for existence, one would presume that we give our undivided attention to this important and pleasant aspect of life; however, more often than not, the opposite is true. Many of us eat so fast that we barely register what we eat, how we eat, and how much we eat. We do not give sufficient time for our stomach to assess its condition. And in the cases our stomach complains, we seldom hear or feel it, for we are distracted by the noises of the mind. When we eat with our friends, co-workers, or family, we are often so engrossed in our conversations that we eat our meal without even noticing it. Even when we eat alone, we are still trapped in incessant thinking. We think about past, future, and so-believed important matters. When we are not eating with our senses, there can be no true satisfaction; thus, the eating continues. And since we are not aware how much we’ve already had, we often overeat. Eating with our senses is to eat only for eating. We are fully present for the entire process of eating. We arrange time for our meals and take our time to enjoy them; we appreciate the ways our foods are prepared; we look and truly see them; we touch and truly feel them; we take in their unique aromas; we chew our foods slowly, feel their textures, and let the flavors sink in; and we even listen to the sounds they produce. When we eat with our senses, we are at one with them. We stop eating when our stomach tells us so. Here is a bonus: when we eat with our senses, we are peaceful and joyous, for our attention is on our favorite foods and the way we enjoy them, not in the past or future concerns of the mind. When we eat with others, we can still engage in casual conversations but immediately shift our attention back to our senses and eating process, consciously not involving ourselves in deep and long discussions. This practice is good for our digestion as well, for our body can then supply more blood flow to our digestive system that would’ve been used by our brain for obsessive thinking. Having an urge to overindulge? Instead of going forward or suppressing it, you peacefully feel it, letting your feeling tell the truth in that moment. You may realize that your craving is not as strong as you thought. Wanting to have another helping? Instead of thinking you should or shouldn’t, feel your stomach and let its intelligence guide your action. You may become aware that you are already full. When we feel, we spontaneously move out of the mind and its overeating conditioning.

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