How to overcome a bad reputation on your team

09.20.2019 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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Sometimes when you become a part of a new team, you get off to a bad start. You don't know the plays. You make costly mistakes. And then your teammates begin to gossip, and put you in "that" category.   If you're not careful, you will take on this identity and become the very player that you don't want to be. In this episode, I show you how to create a new identity, in spite of your mistakes and shortcomings. Time Stamps: (1:22) This episode is dedicated to you, if...   (3:34) I was boxed in, as an athlete   (9:10) I was boxed in, as a firefighter   (11:13) How to break out of the box(es) in your life...   (13:44) Step 1: Keep it 100 with your reality.   (14:51) Step 2: Give yourself perspective.   (16:18) Step 3: Decide what your real identity is.   (17:51) Step 4: Take control of your controllables!   (19:48) Step 4.5: Get in the best physical shape, humanely possible.   (21:35) Step 5: Pre/Post PRACTICE.   (23:00) Step 6: Evaluate yourself often.   (25:20) Step 7: Don't be surprised when your time comes.   (27:32)

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