122. How to Test for Iodine and Why It’s Such an Important Nutrient - Charles Hakala

07.12.2021 - By Nutrition with Judy

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I had the pleasure of interviewing Charles Hakala, founder of Hakala Research. Their lab is considered the gold standard when it comes to testing iodine.  We discuss the following:Charles Hakala’s Introduction.Why is Hakala Labs’ testing considered the gold standard for iodine testing and what does testing entail?From all the testing, do you think most people are iodine sufficient, deficient, or excess?Why is the mainstream narrative that iodine supplementation is bad?Thoughts on healing the thyroid with iodine supplementation.Have you seen people get off of thyroid medication with iodine supplementation and change in diet?Thoughts on bromide.Do you and your family supplement iodine?Thoughts on fluoride.When should I get tested if I were to start an iodine protocol?How long before the body detoxes bromide and fluoride?How did we end up here, where we should be supplementing iodine?Healing stories from supplementing iodine.Can you overdo iodine?Thoughts on kids and supplementing iodine.Do we need other companion nutrients If we supplement iodine long-term?Where to find Hakala Labs.How often should someone test if they’re in a maintenance state?____  RESOURCES:24 Hour Iodine Load Test: https://nutritionwithjudy.com/shopping/health-tests/24-hour-urine-iodine-loading-test-kit/***Use promo code IODINE for 10% off tests. Promo good until 9/30/2021Hakala research: https://www.hakalalabs.com/Research_ep_41.htmlNwJ Sample Iodine Protocol: https://nutritionwithjudy.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/NwJ-Iodine-Protocol-Sample-June-2021.pdfIodine supplement - Iodoral 12.5 mg: https://us.fullscript.com/product_cards/89818/redirect?store_slug=jcho1586985483Iodine Supplement - Iodoral 50 mg: https://us.fullscript.com/product_cards/90010/redirect?store_slug=jcho1586985483____  CHECK OUT MY BOOK, CARNIVORE CURE:  https://amzn.to/37R4lOY​  _____  ADDITIONAL RESOURCES:  Nutrition with Judy Articles: https://nutritionwithjudy.com/articles/​  Nutrition with Judy Resources: https://nutritionwithjudy.com/resources​  _____  FIND ME: 

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