How to turn your pain into real purpose and motivation

09.13.2019 - By Sports Motivation Podcast

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We are taught that pain is bad, and our trauma "shouldn't have happened". What if I told you that your trauma and pain can actually be the things that make you come alive? What if I told you that you can and should be motivated and locked in EVERY DAY? This can only happen if you stop repressing and denying your pain, and instead incorporate it into your mission. In this episode I show you how. Time Stamps:   (1:22) What's your trauma?   (4:31) Examples of the greats...   (5:32) You have to generate the right energy to overcome your pain   (6:55) You and your DORMANT ENERGY   (7:42) Use PERSPECTIVE; stop referring to your pain/traumas as "bad"   (9:49) ACCEPT your pain, and channel it   (10:56) A father story, Pt. 1: School-life was rough... but I learned a lot.   (15:59) A father story, Pt. 2: What happened post-NFL, and a very important Fourth of July family moment.   (19:19) A father story, Pt. 3: My reality check, after retiring the desire to please my father.   (22:42) My purpose is to teach people how to take control.   (27:32) Here are my steps for you   (28:03) Step 1: IDENTIFY what the PAIN is.   (30:07) Step 2: Be AWARE of your INSECURITIES.   (31:13) Step 3: Turn these INSECURITIES INTO ANGER.   (34:21) Step 4: Find a TARGET for your anger.   (36:40) Step 5: Find a VEHICLE to express this anger into ACTION.   (40:37) Step 6: REINFORCE the anger OFTEN and when NECESSARY.   (41:50) Questions for you to reflect on after listening...

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