Ep. 12: Hypocrisy

06.19.2020 - By Get Real or Die Trying with Amadon DellErba

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Amadon Dellerba gets real about hypocrisy - personally, in relation to systemic hypocrisy that is often found in religious organizations.
There's a difference between our inner ideals and those that we share with others. When we set our goals publicly, we create the potential to be hypocritical. We fail at these goals, but must remain vigilant in our pursuit of self-mastery.
Admitting hypocrisy is a good step toward overcoming. Life becomes harder, highlighting our failures. Loved ones and spiritual elders can be our greatest allies in recognizing those weaknesses and helping us to change.
It's easy to live in narcissism, self-absorption, and self-righteousness. It takes courage to escape mediocrity. "When you pursue realness, you pursue a lifestyle of realization." Jesus exemplified this. The URANTIA Book talks about the Master’s life and His lack of pretense. He lived and spoke the truth, even when that sincerity caused pain and suffering.


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