Ink and Ash: A Short Story Podcast

By Shawn Ennis

What's Ink and Ash: A Short Story Podcast about?

Stories of Yore and Yours is a weekly short story podcast. Host Shawn Ennis narrates classic short stories, using sound effects and music to bring them new life. The show also asks for listener submissions. Whether you’re an aspiring author or just write as a hobby, you can be a part of the show! Send your short story to [email protected] for consideration, and in the meantime, thanks for listening!

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"The Corpse Nephew," by Taf...


This week on the season e finale of Stories of Yore and Yours, hear two fantastical tales – “The Corpse Nephew,” by listener Taft McConkie, and “The Man in the Moon,” by L. Frank Baum. The next episode you see ...

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